EPS-200 Power Supply

EPS-200 Power Supply
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EPS-200 Power Supply

EPS-200 Power Supply is an economical,compact,lightweight power supply designed for submarine or miniature vertical gel and miniature blot transfer electrophoresis.It offers timer control as well as constant voltage or constant current output.


  1. Output range(programmable): 5-200 V in 1 V steps, 10-2000 mA in 10 mA steps, 200 W maximum
  2. Type of output: Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover
  3. Output terminals: 4 recessed sets in parallel
  4. Timer: 0-999 minutes
  5. Safety features: No-load detection; sudden load change detection; overload/short circuit detection
  6. Display: LED
  7. Input protection: Fuse
  8. Operating conditions: Temperature: 0-40 ℃
  9. Dimensions: 280(L)×195(W)×85(H)mm
  10. Weight: 3kg


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