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MES Running Buffer Instant Premixed Granules

MES Running Buffer Instant Premixed Granules
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MES Running Buffer Instant Premixed Granules

Each pack prepares 1 liter of a 1X MES Running Buffer (50 mM MES, 50 mM Tris Base, 0.1% SDS, 1 mM EDTA).

MES Running Buffer is formulated for running proteins on Bis-Tris gels only. MES Running Buffer is recommended for separating small- to medium-sized proteins. Use of MES buffer allows proteins to run faster than when using MOPS buffer.

Made in USA


  1. Instant Premixed Granules Efficient and rapid dissolution
  2. Innovative Production Technology, Large-scale Automated ProductionEnsure high-quality, consistent electrophoresis results
  3. Ready to use — use ddH2O
  4. Reduced Preparation TimeNo reagents to weigh or filter
  5. Quality-controlled ReagentGuarantees reproducible results


  1. Storage:Room Temperature
  2. Shelf Life: 2 Years
  3. Dissolve with 1L ddH2O to make 1X buffer